Corporate Social Responsibility


Sign Solutions ltd will promote environmentally friendly business practices and activities that protect the environment. Our products are designed using initiatives to prevent pollution and less burden on the environment. We use a flat-pack design instead of a fully assemble PVC display. For the flat-pack displays, we advise our client to re-use over 50% of its structure component (chassis) to rebrand and modify which is less burden on the environment. Our environmental policies include but is not limited to:

  1. Reduction on waste and recycling
  2. Developing new products that re of a less burden to the environment
  3. Energy conservation and reducing CO2 emission
  4. Purchase raw materials that are kind to the environment
  5. We will comply with the environmental laws
  6. Employee awareness of the environment
  7. Our company policy is disclosed to the general public, customers, suppliers on environmental preservation and practices.

Business Practices

Sign Solutions Ltd, is a family-owned and operated business. We have various suppliers, contractors, and installers. We manufacture products which customers love. SSL adhere to the local law regulations. We conduct business in a fair and open manner. We pay our contractors, installers, and employees fair pay for jobs accomplished and with no delay of payment. Our customer satisfaction is our main focus which drives the company in the right direction. All our products are quality controlled and checked before leaving the production department. It is our policy to have a respectful relationship with our business partners and suppliers to strengthen our customer base. We also deal with our business partners and suppliers in a fair manner. Our employees are not allowed to accept gifts of value or cash for goods and services or return delivered products by clients or suppliers.

We at SSL ensure our employees, installers and contractor respect our competitors. We prohibit our employees from slandering, collecting information or bribes.

SSL Brand: we value our brand as top priority.

SSL strength is made of quality of workmanship and unique designs, with modern CNC equipment. Our products are very affordable, we make continuous effort to maintain quality, delivery and customer service.

Prohibition of workplace discrimination.

SSL prohibits workplace discrimination. We treat each individual fairly at work, we don’t allow discrimination on nationality, race color, religion, sex and age of position within the company.

Labour Practice

Sign Solutions ltd. shall deepen trust and create better workplace condition for each employee. We shall measure and create a corporate culture by managing employee health and safety in the workplace. We shall train employee to balance their work and build a good relationship between their-self and management. SSL will respect the labor law of Trinidad and Tobago and established guideline policy and create a workplace that is comfortable to work

Human Rights

Our management team has a mutual trust and respect for people since establishment. SSL shall prevent acts that disregard human rights, race, religion, age, sexual harassment, child labor or forced labor. We respect individual diverse values, personality, and privacy. 

Respect for human/ consumer rights: Sign solutions Ltd, respect all individuals. Our employees are our greatest asset. We believe by motivating our employees it’s the best way to succeed. Sign Solutions ltd responsibility is to provide goods and services with high level of safety for the customers. We respect human rights of consumers and treat customers fair for building a mutual trust

Descrimination Policy: Our company prohibits workplace discrimination. We treat each employee fairly at work and will not engage in unlawful discrimination. SSL prohibit sexual and power harassment. We understand that sexual and power harassment is strictly prohibited by our company that seriously stain the honor and dignity of individuals